JJA Insights

    1. The gain line

      The Coach’s Corner

      Smaller Steps, Greater Gains Mastering Resilience to Maximize Progress JJ and I share a love of the sport of Rugby. In South Africa, where I…

    2. Recruiting Leaders for the Remote/Hybrid Workplace

      Hiring for remote positions has increased exponentially over the past few years. Yet most business leaders have failed to keep up with today’s rapidly changing landscape. They have only two possible paths forward: adapt or die.

    3. Motivating Talent in the Post-Pandemic World

      The traditional American work ethic has been smacked down hard by COVID, technology and Baby Boomer wealth transfer. So the reliable motivators of cash, benefits and even equity are not enough to attract the top performers you need. Here’s how to succeed anyway.

    4. Profitability vs. Killer Talent: Pick Any Two

      Now that companies and their investors have renewed their focus on profitability, every leader needs to take a hard look at the org chart. Here’s how to effectively assess your team, make the right cuts and go after the A+ talent you need to set yourself up for success.

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