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    1. AIM: How to Hire World-Class Tech Leaders

      With a 98% success rate on our most recent 300 retained searches, it’s fair to say we’ve developed some valuable perspectives on filling essential roles in growth-stage companies. Here’s the recipe for JJA’s secret sauce.

    2. Quantgene wants to add 10 years to your life.

      Santa Monica-based startup Quantgene (QG) is pioneering the future of preventative care Their mission: to extend healthy human lifespan by 10 years. And to do…

    3. Talent is the Only Lever

      At its essence, the purpose and function of Private Equity is pretty simple: optimize investor returns by acquiring companies at discounted valuations compared to exit potential, then maximize EBITDA through operating efficiencies in growing markets. 

    4. Feeding Your Brain: We Recommend

      Country Music | A Film by Ken Burns In my opinion, American schoolchildren would be both smarter and wiser if they could skip U.S. history classes in favor of watching every documentary…

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