A few of the active searches on JJA’s shop floor

Co-founding CTO – Fresh from Bill Gross’ famed Idealab, this stealth startup is the leading pioneer in one of today’s hottest (and most important) categories within AI. Finally, someone is working to build and deploy a system that provides content owners and creators with fair market-based revenue-share whenever their work product is used to train LLMs. Groundbreaking stuff, with billions of dollars already at stake. This isn’t the first time Gross has helped define the future, and likely won’t be the last.

Sr Sales Executives (Retail & Financial Services) – This global, publicly-traded software developer (NYSE:CINT) has truly burned the boats to go all-in on corporate AI transformation. They provide best-of-breed lean digital modernization for 100+ blue-chip clients including Volkswagen, Google, Domino’s and Audi. With a global presence in nine countries, CI&T’s nearshore delivery model enhances everything from strategy, data science and design to engineering, customer experience and operational efficiency.

Contact: Jason Navarro
(m/text) 650.799.6816

VP of Product Growth and other roles – Our client, ReflexMD is a true unicorn. One year in the market, this company pretty much has it all: nine-figure revenues, solid profitability and sustained hypergrowth, all with no outside capital. The smart, scrappy, innovative startup has quickly secured a leading position in the explosive semaglutide-driven weight loss (obesity/diabetes) drugs category. Their mission? To revolutionize telehealth by providing more convenient, affordable and personalized access to online physicians and meds.

Contact: Sam Merchant
(m/text) 510.851.3594