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      2023: Our Favorite Interviews

      By : Jim Jonassen As you might imagine, interviews play a pivotal role for an executive search firm like JJA.co. Between our five senior partners,…

    2. Will AI Steal Your Job, or Just Your Job Description?

      TL;DR: Will the story of AI have a happy ending or the other kind? None of us really knows. The 30,000-foot view from a career…

    3. Yes, the Executive Resume Still Matters.

      Your resume has the power to open doors, or to trigger nasty trap doors you’d rather avoid. So it’s worth investing time now on this essential element of your personal marketing campaign. Read JJA’s tips on getting it right the first time.

    4. AIM: How to Hire World-Class Tech Leaders

      With a 98% success rate on our most recent 300 retained searches, it’s fair to say we’ve developed some valuable perspectives on filling essential roles in growth-stage companies. Here’s the recipe for JJA’s secret sauce.

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