Quantgene wants to add 10 years to your life.

Santa Monica-based startup Quantgene (QG) is pioneering the future of preventative care Their mission: to extend healthy human lifespan by 10 years. And to do it within a decade. 

QG’s long game is D2C, but the go-to-market focuses on B2B enterprise sales for Serenity, the company’s own concierge medicine concept. Their client roster now includes Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Sony, HBO, Relativity, Bron Studios and RomeoPower, with more being added weekly.

There’s already plenty of activity in the genomics/AI/ML space. But while others are focusing on family history and predispositions, QG will provide patients with a Blockchain-enabled NFT containing a personal genomic + clinical EMR. Sharing this with clinical professionals allows proactive diagnosis and prevention, while helping pinpoint ideal candidates for medical/pharmaceutical trials.

Why you should care.

  • QG solutions can reveal predictors for cancer and other chronic conditions
  • QG provides earliest detection across 7 deadly cancer types today
  • Treatments are most effective when a disease is detected early
  • In some cases, this technology can prevent disease before it hits

A Bit More Context.

  • QG’s deep genomic sequencing can detect disease down to a single molecule
  • Captures >10 billion data points per patient
  • Recognized for the industry’s highest accuracy standards
  • 100K+ molecular tests run, w/ 45K patients touched since 2020
  • Triple-digit ARR growth; projecting $100M+ run rate by 2024

Where JJA Fits In.

JJA partnered with Quantgene on five critical searches including the Heads of Marketing, Business Development, Finance and Legal.

“Quantgene CEO, Jo Bhakdi is a force of nature with an ambitious vision for how the company’s AI-driven advanced clinical genomics platform is transforming medicine. He leveraged JJA’s methodology, Partners and network to onboard the key functional leaders to execute the go-to-market charge.”
– Jim Jonassen, Founder, JJA.co