From initial research and development of the target companies from which JJA pursues and surgically extracts matching profiles, the search team relies on pinpoint targeting, precision outreach and crisp follow-up with prospective candidates and referrals from trusted sources in our network.

This data-driven forensic work is what delivers the best result and ensures that the pipeline of talent comprises gainfully employed, fully engaged, and highly successful candidates–not job-board surfing, “between assignments” applicants actively (or passively) looking and promoting themselves in their own search.

As JJA prosecutes each search, it becomes the brand ambassador for its clients, taking pride in a consistent, high quality candidate experience which not only maintains, but enhances the client’s employer brand.

Our Approach

JJA has developed a rigorous, proprietary retained search methodology called Agile Talent Acquisition (ATA), to simplify and streamline the search and selection process and hold everyone involved accountable for his or her part in keeping the campaign on plan. The outcome of ATA is a dramatic increase in the velocity toward and likelihood of a positive outcome and a great match.

Whether working with a selection committee or a single hiring authority, JJA’s well-defined process codifies every step/sprint of the search, so each constituent has visibility. The search plan sets expectations for pace, selection criteria, shared accountability and produces momentum toward results. By maintaining rigor throughout the process on both sides, the desired result will be reached quicker and with less friction.

The tenets of ATA are: crafting and telling the client’s story, constant calibration, rapid response, iteration and negotiation and driving down the acquisition funnel to the best result. Just as with the Agile/Scrum product development methodology, ATA relies on a series of Sprints that comprise each search campaign.


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