PUFFCO Head Of People

Head Of People
CONTACT: Bryce Murray
650-814-3642 (m/txt)

Insights About this Role

Puffco’s growth and market expansion have created the need to take human resources and people leadership to the next level by putting it into the hands of a full-force HR leader to become Head of People. The role could be a Sr. Director or VP Level, depending on the experience and fit, but either way, the role reports to the CEO and is both strategic as well as tactical. Puffco realizes that “what got us here, won’t get us all the way” and has therefore created this new role.
The People function has been minimal for a 110-person business. Things are operating smoothly and there are no major issues or fires that the new Head of People will face coming in. That said, it should be thought of as building the function from an almost blank canvas. You’ll be a very hands-on contributor and leader from the outset. One of the first items on the agenda will be to help Puffco move off its current professional employment organization (PEO).

Principal Charter of the Head of People

  • Formalize HR Processes: Upgrade and automate systems wherever possible, while avoiding the appearance that Puffco is “turning corporate” which would be antithetical to its intimate nature and highly creative workforce.
  • Talent Acquisition: Evaluate the current approach to recruitment; create a killer talent acquisition and retention strategy and plan that gives Puffco a competitive edge in attracting and keeping the best
  • HR Systems, Programs and Best Practices
    • Own staffing plans, employee relations, compensation & benefits programs
    • Audit and envision learning & development and performance management systems
    • Define and implement effective documentation for job requirements and career paths
    • Guide management through organizational development initiatives
  • Culture: Build on what exists today–a culture based on transparency, clear communications, progressive thinking, aggressive performance, investment in people and doing the right thing.
  • Compliance: Ensure full regulatory compliance in areas such as EEO, Fair Labor Standards, Wage and Hour, FMLA, and others
  • Management: Immediately and effectively provide leadership to all Puffco team members and management on all day-to-day human resources topics. Lead by example to develop a departmental culture that establishes HR as a proactive and consultative business partner.
  • Employer Brand: Position Puffco as the most progressive employer in the space and best place to work and build an employer brand as the foundation as the framework for all that follows
  • Be an “advocate” for employees: You have the ability to make people feel like they are truly being heard and understood; ensure that new hires are integrated effectively into the org
  • Define and implement a reporting and analytics function within HR, and make sure that HR has access to key data.
  • Work with senior management to develop effective employee communication programs and continue to define and refine the Puffco culture.

The “Must Haves” for the Head of People

  • Creative DNA & Domain Experience – worked extensively with creative employee populations and more than likely out of lifestyle brands or highly progressive HR organizations
  • World Class Talent Acquisition chops, forged in the fires of a highly competitive recruiting landscape; experience building a successful recruitment system with process and best practices
  • Well-Rounded HR Generalist: Table stakes include payroll, Comp & Benefits, OD, Learning & Development; Ideally built an HR function from scratch; Automated processes and deployed system to facilitate company growth; Ideally been in HR at all levels w/ a passion for people
  • Strategic Business Partner: Aligns with company and departmental leaders on key business strategies and initiatives. Beyond compliance/administrative, been part of growing the business; Demonstrated strategic thinking: able to envision, distill, communicate, develop and implement short and long-term human resource/change management initiatives.
  • Hard working and Hands-on: Like every member of the Puffco leadership team; must be a doer as well as a delegator; unquestioned work ethic
  • Culture + Environment = Retention: You’ve worked at companies with a strong emphasis on culture and have a keen sense for how culture relates to recruitment, retention, professional growth and creativity. You’ve been the architect and builder of onboarding programs, facilities, comp & benefits, 360-degree reviews and all that is required to make Puffco an even more awesome place to work
  • Strong organizational and people development skills and experience; created growth plans for employees’ future development. A true knack for identifying the things that really matter to employees.

The “Nice-to-Haves”

  • Familiarity with, but ideally a passion for cannabis and the surrounding communities
  • Startup & Growth stage company experience–been through the associated growing pains; Nimble and not too corporate!
  • Career Arc & High-Quality Employers: Pedigree from fast, progressive, innovative companies and a track record of swift progression/promotion are highly valued
  • Highly organized with the ability to prioritize in a fast-paced environment; Ideally brings stellar project management skills
  • A track record of building strong, effective teams of people with complementary skills.
  • Technologically astute with experience using HR systems and platforms.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills; demonstrated influence and diplomacy at all levels.
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing business requirements.

Personality Traits – The Cultural Fit

  • Credible: Brings gravitas and embodies the highest standards of integrity, honesty and judgment.
  • Approachable: Not overly intense; no sharp edges and not rigid. You are a person that employees at all levels will feel comfortable coming to with their HR issues and questions; with a nurturing and coaching style; Balance between high IQ and EQ, gifted listener
  • Smart, Curious & Nimble: High IQ and a proven “quick study” who has adapted quickly to changing technologies, models and market dynamics;
  • Confident, Polished Communicator: Poised, outstanding written and verbal communication skills and the confidence and backbone to partner with and influence leadership while getting own teams as well as other departments to confide in and trust them; Crisp presenter who makes the data-driven business case and keeps it brief!
  • Highly Collaborative Team Player: Ability to support a first-time founder CEO and work with teams with strong follow-through.
  • Decisive and Analytical; able to drive critical-path decisions, prioritize and resource projects and programs that will ensure success; adept at collecting and using data to improve operations and make better decisions. Comfortable with analytical tools and techniques.