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    1. AIM: How to Hire World-Class Tech Leaders

      With a 98% success rate on our most recent 300 retained searches, it’s fair to say we’ve developed some valuable perspectives on filling essential roles in growth-stage companies. Here’s the recipe for JJA’s secret sauce.

    2. Talent is the Only Lever

      At its essence, the purpose and function of Private Equity is pretty simple: optimize investor returns by acquiring companies at discounted valuations compared to exit potential, then maximize EBITDA through operating efficiencies in growing markets. 

    3. Feeding Your Brain: We Recommend

      Country Music | A Film by Ken Burns In my opinion, American schoolchildren would be both smarter and wiser if they could skip U.S. history classes in favor of watching every documentary…

    4. Talent Acquisition

      Talent Acquisition is Now a Full-Contact Sport

      While sports teams have long understood the true value of their key contributors, most business leaders are just now beginning to grasp how important these difference makers are. Do you have the right lineup of superstars on your roster?

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