Take the fast track to the best candidates.

JJA’s process always produces an A+ short list.

For growth-stage companies racing to attract and retain exceptional leadership, JJA sources C-suite and senior-management talent nationwide across:

SaaS/Enterprise, Infrastructure & Scalable
Consumer/Marketplace Platforms

Products, Commerce & Digital Services

Climate, Energy & Food

Media & Entertainment
Creator, Influencer, Gaming & AdTech

Digital Health, Nutrition & Fitness

Crypto, Blockchain & Emerging

Financial Services
FinTech & Capital

eCommerce & D2C

Consumer & B2C

JJA’s AIM (Agile, Iterative Methodology)

JJA’s unique approach facilitates momentum even amidst unprecedented market tumult.

  • MAGNETIZE. Our powerful storytelling attracts qualified, aligned candidates. We quickly download your company’s DNA– its origin, mission, vision, ethos, team, and culture, to create an unparalleled opportunity summary that compels the best-fit contenders to read on, take the call, and give your opportunity real consideration.

  • STRATEGIZE. JJA sharpens the focus on the ideal candidate by reviewing bios and assessing real-world profiles. We partner with each client to generate a heat map of sectors, individual companies, and, in some cases, specific business units, forming laser-accurate criteria to detect and extract the candidates with the highest potential.

  • ACTUALIZE. Pipelining and prioritizing candidates and sources via tech-enabled discovery informs multi-pronged, highly personal outreach. JJA partners pattern-match off archetypes and outliers and then screens candidates against detailed scorecards. We sit in on the client’s initial calibration interviews to further refine the pitch, dial in the critical selection criteria, and home in on personality and culture fit. The end result: A robust set of options and a difficult selection.

  • FINALIZE. Our process goes beyond surfacing candidates that meet your criteria. JJA’s vast experience protects clients against the pitfalls of a volatile talent market where competitive opportunities, aggressive counteroffers, and the whims of a dynamic, post-pandemic workforce make closing critical—from the beginning. Flawless execution requires rigor and a healthy skepticism at every step, from initial sourcing to due diligence, negotiation, and closing the deal.

  • CAPITALIZE. The hire is made: Within 10 to 12 weeks, you have an outstanding new leader ready to drive growth for your company. As JJA closes out discussions with all candidates, we consider that the candidate experience is key to your employer brand and “Talent NPS.” You have peace of mind knowing that JJA co-owns the placement with a full-year replacement guarantee. We monitor the fit and advise as needed to ensure success.