Snap These People Up

Our courtesy referrals (no fee attached) on talent ready for new adventures.

As a public service, this section of the newsletter showcases top talent who are actively considering their next career move. We’ve known each of them for many years and consider them A+ leaders, performers, and humans. 

We got this freebie from our colleague Scott Uhrig of Whiterock Partners in Austin. Scott shared that his newsletter subscribers’ favorite feature is the “Free Talent” section. Good Hunting, as we love to say.  

The group below represents the cream of the crop – beyond passing the somewhat lame “beer test,” each easily passes the Yossi Vardi test. This legendary Israeli tech investor would imagine a founder’s startup crashing and burning. The big question: would he still want to invite that person to his home for dinner with him and his wife? That was Yossi’s ultimate test in deciding whether to fund any new venture. 

Each of these leaders is a smart, generous, pay-it-forward ,and give-back human being. We share these with pride and excitement; each would be a tremendous catch for any worthy organization. 

Chase Cabanillas
Chase CabanillasChase is a technology leader with a deep digital product and data science background. He most recently completed an interim COO role at the AI software firm Tresata, where he was tasked with rapidly scaling the company as a part of a significant PE investment. Before Tresata, Chase spent four years as CIO of a PE-backed managed services company. While there, he integrated 13 acquisitions while leading design and dev on a suite of B2B software products. Previously, Chase spent 15 years leading digital and eCommerce functions for three different billion-dollar retailers, including Fortune-20 The Kroger Co.

He holds an MBA and B.S. in Computer Science from Arizona State University. Chase is currently consulting and advising companies on digital and data strategy while considering technology leadership roles for growth stage (or later) companies where his experience building teams and digital platforms can be leveraged. Contact him directly at or via LinkedIn.

John Buchanan
John is a full-suite CMO and business operator with 20 years of marketing, sales, and ops experience. He’s a veteran of multiple business models (subscription, e-commerce, marketplace, freemium, retail, and ad revenue) with a deep understanding of diverse platforms and consumer audiences.

John has scaled global businesses and successfully acquired, engaged, and retained customers while simultaneously building brands in highly competitive and dynamic environments. He’s now actively considering opportunities with enterprises in dynamic, transformative industries. He’s keen to join a team that aligns closely with his values and passions – someone looking for a leader who can drive the business forward while emphasizing inspiration, passion, accountability, and performance. Contact John directly at or via LinkedIn.

Greg Kim
Greg has a 17-year track record scaling multiple tech companies in fintech, e-commerce, marketplaces, and B2B SaaS. He’s played a crucial role in four successful exits. He was most recently Chief Revenue Officer at, a leading B2B vertical SaaS platform for the business coaching industry. Before that, he served as CRO and CMO at Slickdeals, where he was instrumental in driving rapid growth and the eventual sale to Goldman Sachs and Hearst.

Greg has also driven marketing, sales, and corporate development activities at (sold to Cox Enterprises), People Media (sold to, and (sold to Experian). Greg has also been a generous contributor to the SoCal tech ecosystem in his spare time as an advisor, consultant, and angel investor. Greg is looking to partner with a great CEO and Board to drive significant value creation, whether as a full-time operator or part-time consultant/advisor. Contact Greg directly at or via LinkedIn.

Christopher Martin
Christopher MartinChris is a strategic and people-focused leader with extensive experience leading top-performing talent acquisition teams. He’s successfully delivered on hiring goals for companies in Auto, Big Tech, Fintech, and Retail in both domestic and international markets, including start-up, growth, and public companies.
Most recently, he was at Carvana, leading Talent Acquisition for engineering, product, brand, analytics, and tech services functions. Before Carvana, he was at an e-commerce company partnering with the CTO to lead talent acquisition & human resource business partner duties.

Chris has an MBA from Pepperdine University and is seeking opportunities in People Operations and Talent Acquisition. Contact Chris directly at or via LinkedIn.